Looking for good research

It doesn’t matter if you are an established business or a start-up, knowledge is power. People think that Google gives all the answers. People think all the answers are easily available. Well they are not. You pay for what you get with useful research. That’s why every executive worth their salt buys the Financial Times.

I can find that information and present it to you in a clear way.

It’s not just about finding information. You also have to be able to distill it. Ingore the noise, what are the core issues. Then you have to see how all that fits the big picture. That’s what I do.

I can provide short pieces in light-hearted fashion for a company-wide report or a more complex and detailed documents for confidential discussion.

I have had experience of day-to-day work work with C-suite executives at multi-nationals, handling whistle-blowers to compliance at a world-leading financial house. Contact me for any confidential discussion.

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