Due diligence work advisable

I’m available for other report work. This includes due diligence work on companies or even sectors. It can be costly not to do the simplest research. Research can include:

  • outstanding legal cases,
  • broadroom reputations,
  • company financials
  • and employee opinions.

This sort of work is common for large organisations. There are the accountancy companies or one of the large research consultants.

Often these chaps hire people like me to do the donkey work.

And they certainly charge for it. In my experience they do’nt focus on what you need and blind you with science. Why give the answer when they can sell you another service? Or they get it wrong. I won’t mention the US management consultant that charged the Hong Kong government a fortune for saying the city was unsuitable for cable TV.

Most recently I performed due diligence on eight major US telecom suppliers for a technology client. Six were dropped immediately.

Unfortunately most project work and sector reports, must remain confidential. It has included research in trading technology and markets for the Finnish Trade Commission. Inital market and web research was confidentially undertaken for a now award-winning financial web site.

Think about using the experience of Gerry for an initial look at with whom you are doing business. I can even provide reports with big pictures. 

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